Colony Club General Meeting Minutes—May 15, 2017

President Diane Mozzo opened the meeting at 7:10 P.M. The Collect and Pledge of Allegiance were said. Members were welcomed to our last meeting of the 2016-2017 year. Guest, Wendy Dorman, was introduced.

Diane Mozzo introduced our speaker, Mary Ellen Cropper, who spoke about her membership and various offices she held up to her current title—Southern District Vice President.

The minutes were accepted as written.

CAPA did a reading Barnyard Spring from the movie, Seven Brides and Seven Brothers.

Department Reports

LiteratureMary Hughes hosted the meeting on May 10th and reported a lively discussion of the book, and her husband entertained members by playing the piano. The last meeting of the year will be a lunch at Windjammer in June. The book for June is James Patterson’s, The Eleventh Hour.

CAPA Elaine Novello advised the members hoped to be ready for September.

Travel—Instead of traveling to Hammonton this month, that was postponed until June. Instead the group went to the Alpaca Farm and lunch in Cape May.

American HomeDenise Szymanski reminded members there is a covered dish dinner on May 23rd, 6 P.M. at The Shores. She has a list of foods that members are bringing. A list of activities for next year’s meetings has been made.

ScholarshipNicollette Mirra reported there will be a meeting of the committee at her home and they will review the essays written by candidates. Nicollette felt they are great essays this year. Diane Mozzo advised the members that a Reception on June 19th at 7 P.M. in Room 111 is planned to honor all our Award and Scholarship winners. She asked for volunteers to sign up to bring a dozen cookies to serve the guests.

MembershipJane Snyder said we have 61 paid memberships and 6 outstanding. There are a few new members and a couple in question.
State ProjectJane Snyder reported $71.50 was realized from the sale of pinwheels. Any leftover pin wheels and those left behind by people who bought them but didn’t take them, will be sold at the Fall Block Party. The cookie sale made $74.00 and leftover bags were taken to the Food Cupboard. The Ocean City Daily had an article about the Colony Club’s participation written by one of our members, Diane Root, The Proclamation was read at a City Council Meeting.

Ways and Means—The Spaghetti Dinner is September 28th at the Flanders and the tickets will be $40.00 each. Wine for the Wine Grab should be taken to Sandy Crescenzo’s prior to the dinner.

Boscov’s—Bonnie Hyson has $5.00 cards for the shopping day, October 17th. Clubs receive a percentage from the purchases. It was stressed again that we need a minimum of $3200.00 to cover the scholarship and awards.

Block PartyDenise Szymanski thanked all who worked at the Block Party and those who made cookies. The cookies not sold were taken to the Food Cupboard and a thank you note was received from Dottie Cianci of that organization.

Boatsies Boxes was started by a woman who wanted to give back to service people, so she started this activity of filling stockings with $20.00 worth of items. Diane Mozzo purchased seven Christmas Stockings and asked members to please fill them and she will deliver them. She encouraged members to share filling the stockings with another person. When buying a stocking to fill, it shouldn’t be too large.

Old Business

The Fashion Show made the paper. Gerri Cusato thanked everyone who helped make it a success. About $3000.00 was made.

Achievement Day was successful and many members were among the winners. A list was read of the winners and the awards, including some wins for the Colony Club itself. A list will be in the Newsletter. Carla Heist received recognition for 50 years as a club member, and she wrote a thank you to the Colony Club.

Anyone who wishes to order the club shirt from Jillys, may contact the store on line at

New Business

Diane Mozzo told members the club was nominated for The Exchange Club Book of Golden Deeds Award; however, we were not selected.

Phyllis Bonner reported she sent the application for the Foster Karney Grant and June is decision time. She applied for $3000.00 which would cover some of the scholarship and awards.

The Beach Meet is set tentatively for the 3rd Monday in August. Sparklers to set off in honor of Mary Rodgers will be provided by the club. Plans will be confirmed and sent to members via email.

Diane Mozzo read the impressive summary of all club activities for 2016-2017. She also reiterated that the reception for Scholarship and Award recipients is scheduled for June 19th. Nicollette Mirra mentioned Past Presidents might want to bring their yearbook to the Reception.

Carol Evans mentioned that members who need help, should reach out to the group.

Jane Snyder suggested that members be given five Boscov’s cards to use or ask friends to take one.

The Board will meet Monday, June 5th.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Weber Recording Secretary

March 15, 2017 General Meeting Minutes

Diane Mozzo opened the meeting at 6:35 P.M. Members recited the Collect and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Members observed a moment of silence for Mary Rodgers, a recently deceased member of the Colony Club. Joanne Staniec informed members that there will be a event for Mary since she had said there should be a party in remembrance of her.

The minutes from the February meeting were accepted.

Department Reports

American HomeKathy Allegretto informed the group that the Humane Society did a presentation at the last meeting. The Shores thanked those who brought cookies for residents. Next month Frank Donato from the city, will be the speaker.

Literature—March’s book was Failure of Imagination, and April’s meeting will be at Dot Aiken’s. April’s book is Voices from Chernobyl.

CAPAElaine Novello asked for more participants to join the group.

Travel—The meeting is March 21st at Barbara Weber’s.

Ways and MeansDenise Szymanski reported on Flower Power. So far we have sold $246.00 and we get 50% back which means $123.00 will be made. The deadline for ordering is March 31st.

Gerri Cusato reported that the tickets for the Fashion Show are going well and the event is a month away. Items are needed for the sales table, and there will be a 50/50. Flyers are available for distribution.

Girls Career Institute has one delegate and two alternates selected by a committee of Diane Mozzo, Jane Snyder and Diane Root.

Diane Mozzo reported for Jane Snyder that the pinwheels were ordered for The State Project. They will be sold at the Block Party in May. There is a Riverboat Cruise in Toms River as a fund raiser, and forms are available.

Achievement Day is April 26th. Anyone wanting to enter a display should contact either Cathi Ferber (Arts Creative) or Angel Smith (Conservation). Applications must be turned in no later than April 9th. Flyers show all the information. Members can attend without an entry. Give Diane Mozzo a check for $33.00 ($30.00 plus $3.00 registration fee)

The NJ Federation Convention is May 8-10 at the Golden Nugget. It is $20.00 for three days and $15.00 for one day if you sign up ahead of time.

Old Business

Thank you notes were received from Liam, who participated in the Spelling Bee, and he thanked the club for having the Spelling Bee and also for the Visa Card. The United Methodist Home was appreciative of the cookies members gave them. The Ecumenical Council thanked members for the food donation.

Anyone who would like to order a shirt may do it on line.

Carla Heist was honored for her 50 years as a member of the Colony Club. She will receive recognition at Achievement Day.

CAPA performed a short program.

New Business

The following new members in attendance were inducted into the club with a short ceremony:

  • Betty Schmidt sponsored by Ann Glenning
  • Janet Cook sponsored by Gerri Cusato
  • Susan Hogmanay sponsored by Judy Levy
  • Diane Root sponsored by Peg Cole
  • Ann Glenning—a returning member

President Diane Mozzo welcomed the ladies and thanked them for the work they had already done for the club.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Weber, Recording Secretary

November 2016 Meeting Minutes…

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 P.M. by President, Diane Mozzo.  She welcomed a guest, Tina Cortez, brought by Jane Snyder.  Members recited the Collect and Pledge of Allegiance.

Joanne Staniec introduced the guest speaker from Wesley by the Bay and The Shores, Keri Sherman. She gave members a general idea of all the services available to citizens both in the facilities or outside. Keri is Social Services Coordinator and she has groups meet at the Shores where they enjoy activities and also get helpful information on Medicare, Medicaid, taxes etc.

There were no corrections to the minutes from the October meeting, so they are filed.

The treasurer was not available, but Diane Mozzo read the last figures. The Operating Account had an opening balance of $7729.06 on September 30th and a closing balance of $5774,36 on October 31st. Grants and Aid started with $7809.12 September 30th and a closing balance of $7098.82.

Yankee Candle—Denise Syzmanski reported we realized a profit of $492.40.

American Home—There will be a chiropractor who will do some free spinal screenings.  The meeting on November 29th will be in the library not Wesley Manor.

CAPA—Elaine Novello told members that the group will have a program for the Wounded Warrior/Christmas Dinner. She also told the members that Ursula Russo had hip surgery and is doing well. Anyone who could bring her some food would be appreciated.

Literature—The book club will meet on December 14th at Joanne Swenson’s home.

Islay Borgado sent a thank you for the comfort offered to her on the death of her husband.

October Updates
Clean Ocean Action—In spite of the weather, some members came out to work on the beach clean-up, and Diane Mozzo thanked them.

Welcome Night—Our table was quite busy and many brochures were given out. Our guest tonight was one who picked up the information about our club.

Halloween Parade—Our participation was dedicated to Mary Rodgers who provided the costumes for the marchers. A proclamation was read when members were in front of City Hall and we placed 1st in our Division. Elaine Novello showed members the trophy we received, and she will show it to Mary Rodgers.

UNICEFNadine Otto reported the children collected $658.00. A book with our bookmark inside was given to the school.

Call for Food—Members were requested to bring non-perishable items to this meeting, and they will be donated to the Food Cupboard in Ocean City. As usual, our members were generous.

Halloween Walk at Monmouth Mall—This Federation event received candy and novelty items from individual clubs. The federation is also looking for knitters who will make purple hats for newborns at hospitals. This is part of the State Project. They are collecting books by certain children’s authors who write for the 5 and under age group.

Members are asked to bring hats, gloves and scarves for children and adults which will be placed on or below a Tree of Warmth located in the Atrium of the Ocean City Free Public Library prior to Christmas. Later the items will be donated to the Clothes Closet in Ocean City. Diane Mozzo would like some members to be at the Christmas Event being held in the library atrium on December 4th when our participation will be acknowledged.

Wounded Warrior/Christmas Dinner—This event takes place December 14th at 5:30 P.M.  Jeanne Robinson has the sign up sheet for food. Our vet is Royal Farley and he has three sons. The boys wish list include an X box which is costly, so Anne Glenning offered to help Gerri Cusato find the best deals. Invitations have been mailed to the VFW and American Legion and other veterans are also welcome. Guests will be there between 5:30 and 7:30 then club members will have a brief meeting and gift exchange. Suggested gift amount is $10.00.

Old Business
Survey results for the Spaghetti Dinner were positive from those who attended.  The small number of members in attendance could be attributed to the close date of the American Legion Fashion Show Lunch; however, that date is being changed.

Polo ShirtsDiane Mozzo and Mary Ann Hasher met with Jilly’s on the boardwalk in Ocean City. He discussed colors and material and said he will make a sample shirt of the one they felt was the best quality. The club emblem would be embroidered on the shirt front and is all cotton. Diane asked for a show of hands to get an idea of how many members want a shirt.

Thank You notes received were from Elaine Perino for comfort after the passing of her husband, Holy Redeemer for our donation, Ocean City Free Public Library for the book given in Ruth Rundgren’s name and Islay Borgado consolation after her husband’s demise.

Achievement DayAngel Smith agreed to chair the Conservation Division. Cathi Ferber is doing the Arts. More information will be available in January.

Nicollette Mirra addressed the members regarding the little known projects such as the Scholarship Fund we support. She feels the public should be made aware of such projects. She feels we should have something for our award winners . There is a folder of thank you notes from winners.

New Business
The question as to the continuation of having food prior to the General Meeting was posed by Diane Mozzo. Members decided that we could start at 6:45 with simple snacks and start the actual meeting about 7:00 P.M. so then clean up to leave the room would not be as rushed.

It was noted that a check will be mailed to the Cancer Society in Stephen Borgado’s name.

Forms were distributed for the Federation Reports by the president.

Adjournment was at 8:20 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Weber
Recording Secretary