September 2016—From the Desk of Diane Mozzo, President

On behalf of the 2016-2017 Board, I welcome everyone to our new Colony Club year. I hope you had an enjoyable summer with family and friends. Some members did meet with emotional and physical challenges this summer, and I hope they continue to heal and feel our support.

We will kick off our year with our first meeting on September 19, which will be followed by our annual Spaghetti Dinner on September 29. If Rod Stewart is as good as Elvis was last year, we should be in for lots of fun and great entertainment. Hopefully, Nicolette will again be wearing her dancing shoes. Invite some friends to this event and show our Colony Club spirit.

Finally, Phyllis Bonner sent me a story entitled, The Gift of Time. To summarize, it related the last wishes of Alexander the Great. He wanted the best doctors to carry his coffin to show that in the face of death, they had no power to heal. He wanted his treasures to cover the road so everyone would see that material wealth stays on earth. And, he wanted his hands to swing in the wind so all could see we come into the world empty handed, and we leave empty handed. But, what we do leave behind is time. Time is our life, and it is the best present we can give our family and friends. With that in mind, I hope you have time to share with all of us so that our year will be rewarding and successful. We will have some new activities and repeat our favorites in order to fulfill our objectives of…

  • Developing interest in cultural subjects,
  • Promoting civic work,
  • Furthering social contact, and,
  • Investing in future generations through scholarship funding.

See you at our first meeting, September 19 at 7 PM in Room 110 in the library and at the Spaghetti Dinner on September 29 at the Flanders!


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