New Member Welcome Dinner—March 23, 2016

From President, Jane Snyder…

Thank you to all The Colony Club of Ocean City Members who attended tonight’s (March 23, 2016) New Member’s Welcome Dinner. We had a fantastic attendance. Your participation is so much appreciated. I believe the 7 new members who were inducted with the candle light ceremony will enhance our membership. Their pledge and your backing make The Colony Club stronger than ever. Don’t miss any opportunity to be involved in any Colony Club activity.

Please review the Pledge the New Members took this evening:

Membership in The Colony Club will benefit both you and the Club if you strive
to promote its civic, cultural, educational and social aims. You hold a share of the
guiding light which exemplifies service, leadership and friendship in this

New Members please repeat after me:

I promise to do my best to promote the programs and objectives of The Colony Club of Ocean City by being helpful and sincere to uphold the by-laws at all times and believe in our motto—Strong Women, Good Friends, Caring Volunteers.

All the members of The Colony Club should look at their own position within the Club and renew your faith and participation in the Club. Stand behind and support the new members inducted this evening. It is your responsibility to promote The Colony Club of Ocean City.

In the Colony Club Spirit,
Jane Snyder


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