January 2016—From the Desk of Jane Snyder, President

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  Can you believe it’s 2016! May 2016 bring you good health, fulfilled wishes, and lots of time to participate and volunteer in all the doings of the Colony Club!  As a Club, we have accomplished so much during the past year. And, it was because of you, your time and belief in the Colony Club that goals were attained. Thank you so much for your spirit and enthusiasm.

As we begin 2016 we look forward to some fantastic monthly meeting guests—both in Colony Club and American Home. Don’t hesitate to attend scheduled meetings. For dates, consult your directory emailed to you. Every meeting both with the Colony Club and American Home plan to be the best ever. Bring note pads for all the information provided. CAPA is planning great entertainment prior to each Colony Club meeting.  Travel and Literature Departments are both so very active and have so much to share with you. Come out and participate in all or some. You will not be disappointed.

Membership Chairperson, Phyllis Bonner, is doing very well with filling the positions for next year. However, she is still in search of a Treasurer and a 1st and 2nd Vice President. These are not difficult positions. Think about each of them and perhaps you can be that person to step up and fill those spots. Volunteer From the Heart!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.26.32 AM
Board Meeting—Great Discussions & Decisions!


Congratulations on the success of the Designer Handbag BINGO results. What a great profit —$3264.78. Now, that’s a feather in our cap!

The Wounded Warrior Christmas Dinner was extremely heartwarming. It exuded the true Christmas Spirit that American Home has been known for. Unfortunately, I have heard some negative comments that Colony Club “took over” the Wounded Warrior Dinner from American Home and eliminated the Pollyanna. Kathy Allegretto, Chairperson of American Home, decided to eliminate the Pollyanna because last year it made the dinner last too long and felt it was awkward with the veteran and his family there. At meetings, American Home invited the entire Colony Club to join them in this celebration. It was also agreed not to have the Christmas Dinner as held in the past due to dates, costs, and poor response from members. Don’t let negativity dampen events for everyone. Come to the meetings to get correct information.

Denise Szymanski will once again be Chairing the Spelling Bee for the 5th Grade Students at the Ocean City Intermediate School on February 18th with a snow date of February 23rd.  She is looking for your assistance with this extremely successful event.
Believe it or not, Spring is just around the corner. Jeanne Robinson is selling tickets for the Spring Fashion Show. For only $25, you’ll enjoy a delicious covered dish luncheon and best of all fashions from our local TA DAH!! Gather your friends and reserve your space. You don’t want to miss this Show.

Speaking of Spring, Achievement Day is on its way too. Phyllis Bonner and Angel Smith have taken on the reins and will be looking for your participation and entries. More information will be available at our January meeting. See you there.

Look for an update for the Southern District and State Directory in your email. If you are interested, join me in attending the next Southern District meeting on January 27th in Cape May.  Meet Southern District members and hear what other Clubs are doing.

Never judge someone by the opinion of others


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